Jul 1, 2007

A grab bag of goodies.

Deep into a cold winter one time Medford resident Jimmy Grantland called me because he was in town for the holidays and looking do some rafting. Normally the mention of rafting would turn me away. Instead this time it caught my interest because of Jimmy's past pedigree of rafting hard water and big drops during the filming of the early No Big Names videos. He was looking for something quick and fast for a picture to keep Sotar happy, so on Christmas eve we made a quick mission to Steinacher Falls near the Cal-Salmon for a hike and huck. Joined by his brother Davey, the duo greased the falls in the cold weather.
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Random eye candy, Shon Bollock on the East Fork Kaweah.
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Also in the bag is a nice video put together by Scott Yoder, compiled from footage provided by the wonderful Chris Korbulic. It's a mix of Fantasy Falls, South Silver and Love's Falls.

Spring 2007 Kayaking from darinm and Vimeo.

Enjoy the goodies, things should be a bit more quiet around here since the snowmelt is done and we are back to the routine of weekend summer releases.

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