Jul 11, 2007

Crapo Creek V [Cal-Salmon Trib]



jim busse said...

great pictures man. thanks for posting them. I've seen the site a few times before. Nice paddling on crapo!

Darin said...

Thanks, drop me a line anytime you are kayaking up in the Salmon, Scott or Shasta area too. Fun paddling with you, hopefully we'll do it again.

E.G. said...

LIGARE LIGARE your my boy

Anonymous said...

What's up Darin?
I love your website, and could probably contribute some stuff.

FYI: me and Chris Zawacki decided to go back up and give Crapo a go two weeks after these pictures were taken. The Salmon was flowing at 9 feet that day, and Crapo looked good to go at the confluence.

Upon our arrival at put-in (the shuttle driver had already left us) we realized that we were committed to a full day of SURVIVAL BOATING. We found that many of the rapids at high water were unrunnable, and most of the little in-between rapids actually contained sticky recirculating ledges...Actually, less than 1/4 mile from the put-in, Zawacki broke his paddle in the very same drop that Paul had broken his two weeks before. Consider portaging this chunky slide into a backed-up hole.

In summary: 9 feet is too high, 7 feet on the gauge is perfect, and 5 feet is too low. Crapo is a much higher quality run than its reputation would leave you to believe, but it is a full-day run not to be taken lightly. Stay heads-up and be sure to have all the correct safety equipment, breakdown paddle and first-aid kit. I'd give it 4 stars out of a possible 5.
Dan Menten

Darin said...

Dan, if you want to contribute some more feel free to drop me a line at d_mcquoid@hotmail.com Thanks for the comment and the heads up for high flows on Crapo, agred it's better than it's current reputation.