Aug 29, 2007

Mixed Nuts

Kyle Allred
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Nearing the end of a summers grind for the dollar, I was excited about getting out on flows American Whitewater organized in California. With a weekend off we headed down to the years last Pit River release. Saturday we paddled down with the standard plan for the Pit River, boogie down the class III water to the waterfall and spend the rest of the afternoon hiking it and enjoying the variety of lines Pit Falls offers.

Scott Yoder taking the main line.
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Scotty also found an epic piton after a missed boof on the left line.

What happens when you miss the boof! from rideon and Vimeo.

Some of our guides taking the far right slide.
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I was having a great time running all the different lines.

Darin on the Pit River, CA from rideon and Vimeo.

Eventually I went for a second run on the seldom run right of center line.
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I wanted to miss the flake and get a nice soft landing at the bottom. I got where I wanted to be, a few feet more to the right, but went off axis to my right when I entered the water. Unfortunately I made contact with a rock shelf and broke my collar bone.

With a four to six week estimated heal time, I fly out of the country on a non-refundable ticket five weeks after the break. Lets just hope it heals fast!

Chris Korbulic
and I are flying out to get some unexplored goods. He has put it into words better than I can. It's looking good.
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Photography, my second passion. Some free backgrounds. Water, it's a beautiful thing.

In other news Nikon has announced the groundbreaking D3.
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Canon has been ruling the full frame market the last few years with the 5D, but with a limiting 3fps (frames per second) they were relgated to landscape and still life photographers. The $8,000 5fps Mark III looked to have the high speed market cornered, until Nikon announted the D3 at $5,000, a full frame camera with a blazing 9fps. With the classic beauty of Nikon it can also use all their lenses since 1977, including even the new DX "APS" sensor size lenses, that the D3 automaticly adjusts for. Looks to be amazing and quite out of my budget.

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