Aug 8, 2005

Some of my favorite kayaking sites.

Oregon Kayaking - The inspiration for this page

California Kayaking - Great run descriptions for runs all over California

The Lost World - Photo filled archive of some of the last unseen river canyons on earth.

Hotel Charley - Updates from Clear H20 Films.

Liquid Kayak - Friends from Portland, lots of good pictures.

Same Deep Water - Chris Korbulics exploration and adventures. High quality videos too.

A Wet State - Daniel's site with good info on many California classics.

The Range Life - British Columbia Kayaking

Dreamflows - The must have page for flows in California, we all love Chris.

Jackson Kayaks - With a goal of making the best kayaks possible you can't go wrong.

Liquidlogic Kayaks - Good designs, superb customer service, kayaker owned.

Mountain Surf - Great gear made by great people.

kayak session

Kayaking Forums

Boatertalk - Mostly east coast kayaking chat

Boof - California forum

Caliproduct - Another California forum

Other stuff

Jefferson State Creeking - Article storage, also contains occasional random updates.

Pandora - I love this music site, personalized radio with no ads.

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Gail Jenner said...

Hi! If you have links to the State of Jefferson, check out my books! I have co-authored 2 books on the State of Jefferson (with Arcadia Publishing) and have a 3rd book (HISTORIC INNS AND EATERIES IN THE STATE OF JEFFERSON) coming out this Fall. My website:
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Thanks! Hope we can link up.....Gail J.
Etna, CA, in the great State of Jefferson!