Aug 15, 2005

The best sign ever is on Burnt Ranch. Such an odd sign for an area with class V runs all over the place.

Jon and I did a low water run of the Ranch again, 630cfs at Cedar Flat. Run was going well, until after taking these pictures at #2

No on the water carnage, but I walked back up and initially thought maybe someone was playing a personal joke on me. Then I walked back down to Jon and asked of he had seen my boat float by, which he hadn't.

Which leads me to think that my boat is resting under this rock.

Lay in rest, g-force 5.9. Not really sure how it slipped out but it certainly did.

I'm hoping maybe with the super low release in october I can fish it back out...maybe....sandals, throwrope, pelican case and boat, arg. In good news I'm getting LASIK on my eyes the 30th. No more pawing at my eyes trying to get contacts back on the eyes in mid rapid anymore, horray.

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Anonymous said...

Better the boat than you in that sieve!