Aug 15, 2005

Mears Creek - moved.


Anonymous said...

Hey, I was wondering how technical the line up is for the 'triple drop'? Is it portagable if needed?
I'm interested in running it when it flows again, and as far as the logjam goes, is it still in affect?
Please get back to me when you can.

Darin said...

Triple Drop is on the Sacramento and comes in below Mears Creek. It's more of a big water than technical move, some big eddylines and squirrly currents at the top. Easily portaged down the left if you seal launch in at the bottom. No logjams on the Sac. The logjam on Mears Creek is still there, one halfway down the run with a good eddy and another above the "Tunnel of Love" that doesn't have much of an eddy. It can be worked over on the left at low flows or the center at higher flows.