Aug 18, 2005

Some small updates.

I got my kayak back, horray! Somehow it flushed out of the siv intact, and with almost everything it. My sandals, throw rope and pelican case stayed in the boat, and my water bottle and sponge took off, no big deal. It had a small dent in the side from pinning after it flushed, but it came out by the end of a day in the sun. Thanks to Ed from Arcata for setting it up in the bushes so no one would mess with it.

Finally got around to getting a few small videos hosted. Hope you enjoy.

I'm not much of a playboater so I am stoked on this. I just learned to loop this spring, and am finally starting to get air in them. This is at the Schoolhouse hole on the Klamath today. The beach ball trick instead of an overthruster really works. (just get a 97c beachball and put it between your legs, not as comfterable but $39 cheaper)
The Loop

This is a loop from earlier this spring. No beachball and not as good of a spot. This is a playspot that comes in down by Chico when Butte Creek is high.
Small Loop

Yea carnage. This is from the spring. We were on the Cal-Salmon with a flow of 4000cfs (7') or so. I had heard the left side of Gaping Maw had a sticky hole and decided to test it. Its sticky and I get a little beatdown, took me a while to find my contacts in my eyes after this one. Swear it felt like a minute in the hole as it allways feels longer when you are in it.

Well the rest of these are from this spring as well. This is Scott cleaning a drop on Pauly Creek with flows around 200cfs.
Pauly Creek

This is me on Whitehouse on the Scott River with flows of 1200cfs or so. I cut out the class III lead in to save my dialup the uploading effort.

Jon running a drop on Slate Creek. Flows were medium on the gauge on the old bridge by I5. This run is a hoot.
Slate Creek

This is a guy we met up with named Nate. He had the cleanest line on Lower Burnt Ranch Falls aka #3. I cut out the lead in to save my poor dialup.
Burnt Ranch #3

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