Oct 21, 2005

New small video, name this move. Is it a quality windowshade or a move? It was filmed at Schoolhouse on the Klamath, I was trying to learn backloops. Can't say the G-Force is the best boat for this, they added stern volume on the Kingpin for a reason. It's a good excuse at least.

I also started putting some random pretty pictures on a page. Nothing too exciting, but entertaining if you are bored.

In another moment of boredom I started reviewing random stuff. No sponsors or affiliations, just things that have done me well or not.

Oh and I changed the name of the page because I'm not really by the coast. North Coast is just a vauge term, I thought the State of Jefferson area is a more apt name for the locals I paddle and live in. State of Jefferson map.
State of Jefferson, a state of mind.

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