Oct 16, 2005

Fordyce, SF Feather, NF Feather

Just got back from a 10 day boating trip. Managed to boat 8/10 days, only take 4 pictures and only one of actual kayaking. Fordyce was my first true Sierra style run with granite and slides, the highlights were eraserhead, split falls and super slide, seeing lots of Shasta folks and a tow out instead of a paddle out on the lake. SF Feather highlights; people boating it every day, my first swim, a nice long thrashing in a hole that I couldn't manage to get out of that day, awesome random people to boat with, 410cfs in it on Friday. NF Feather highlights; Dinner saturday night with a bunch of folks, we all combined food and had some awesome burritos, LL Vision being a perfect fit for me at 145lbs. Hopefully some pictures coming soon in my email from folks I boated with.

Here is the hole I swam out of. It's mellow if you hit it with speed on the right, but not so mellow when you hit the left side with no speed at all. I managed to surf out of it later in the week to, I need to paddle harder.

This is the second portage, as of late (10/16/05) I guess there is a boat stuck in ugly spot in the middle of the photo to the river right of the center rock, glad they got out ok.

Some great scenery looking upstream for said portage.

A good week of creeking leaving me with a cracked boat and broken paddle, both still working to some extent.

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zuns said...

great BLOG and comments,although, I thought you might mention the Airlift of another boater below you on the lower section. She is doing fine and had a great day out up until the epic SAR began. Hopefully she will be boating in the spring, In the meantime I will continue to nurse her back to health.

Darin said...

Had no idea about an airlift on any run. Out of curiosity, what run, rapid, and circumstances? Would love to hear the full story. Best of luck with the recovery.

zuns said...

She was doing the flow study for AW on the lower section with Dave Stiendorf, the class 2 / 3 section
got broached on a rock then when she came free with the aid of a rope she flipped and went to swim out, but as she swam out her leg was still in the boat and there was no give thus Crunch on the knee.

Darin said...

Worste carnage of 6 days on SF Feather was a guy in our group broaching in the II-III run out of the upper run. I guess one other evac happened earlier in the year due to a broken leg on a portage. Allways the small stuff that gets you. Hope the knee heals well, I did some MCL damage last winter, sure hurts for a good long while.