Nov 2, 2005

The Smith River........

The planned trip was 6-10 days over in the Smith drainage. (depending on how sick of rain I got) The rain was happening and the weather forecast looked great. (more rain) The truck fully loaded with gear and boats on top, I took off early in the morning on I5 north. It was all sounding so good, but unfortunatley it ended eleven miles later. While crossing the Klamath river I felt the back of my truck start to wobble a little bit...then a lot...then start dragging...I pulled off past the bridge on the right and watched my tire fly past me in the left lane. Not too bad all things considered; no traffic, no accident, all safe and somewhat sound. $370 and I am back on the road with a sweet mismatched rim. (never understood people who put expensive rims on trucks, but mine came that way)

Rut-roh shaggy

Since my truck got a beatdown I thought I would throw up the full "I'm going to get worked in that hole" beatdown from Gaping Maw on the Cal Salmon. Here it is.

If you want only the runs and none of the rambling and car carnage, I made this more organized page that will only list one writeup of each run and has no random junk.

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