Oct 27, 2008

It's time for my now annual international fall paddling trip. In 2006 it was deep into Mexico for the Rio Alseseca, and for 2007 a cold water Newfoundland mission. 2008 and tickets are booked for a location that I never expected to be going. Ben Stookesberry somehow coerced me to believing that a paddling trip to Pakistan was a good idea. That's right, one of the most unstable countries on the earth right now. Let's just say we wont be staying at the Marriot.

The trip will be Ben Stookesberry, Chris Korbulic, Phil Boyer, logistics manager Roland Stevenson and myself, with the possibility of MFD master Rafa Ortiz joining in.

The weather is going to be cold, it has been regularly dropping into the teens at night where we will be focusing our attention. Phil Boyer and I will be flying to DC on November 4th, from DC to Doha, and from Dohan to Islambad, arriving on November 6th. We'll trying to get out of the city asap and head to the hills, hoping to find relative safety in the rural regions.

What we hope to get into...

I should probably be trying to find some drybags instead of typing this right now...updates will be few and far between until my return on November 27th.

I do hope to have the South Fork San Joaquin online by the time I leave.

Balloon Dome from the South Fork San Joaquin.


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