Sep 13, 2008

Upper Cherry Creek IV-V (P)



Anonymous said...

I've been reading this blog for several years, it's the snazzy snaz, but I'm disappointed with the attitude here in this post. how can you lecture as to who goes where while simultaneously pornographying this run, and others? great photos, as always, but please don't complain about the masses who come to creek in the high sierra, when nowadays they (me) are oftentimes led there vis a vis a pictorial on a web site.

If you're uncomfortable paddling the steeps with the less skilled, time-crunched warriors who support your sponsors then don't encourage us with such alluring and intriguing photo dumps.

Shawn Hartje-- executive producer of the shit show

P.S. > sandbagging the UCC hike-in ain't gonna help the crowd factor.

Darin said...

At no point do I say who should or shouldn't be on Upper Cherry Creek, or even say too many are on it. Yes, it's busy, and that is not going to change for a long time.

What makes Upper Cherry Creek a "shit show" is people dragging their boats on the trail, spray painting directions, not getting wilderness permits, and camping at Flinstone for days on end.

Some paddlers disrespect for the wilderness is starting to compromise all paddlers privileges of boating in it.

I called it like it was on the hike, it's nearly flat and nine to eleven miles. So thus it's about as easy as a nine to eleven mile hike with a loaded boat could be, plain and simple.

And as for

"Remember that just because you have done Upper Cherry Creek doesn’t mean you are ready for the Devil’s Postpile, Middle Kings, or many other of Cali’s harder multi-days."

That is simply the truth, and a word of caution to all, myself included.


Anonymous said...

ok shit show defined. agreed. I picked up all kinds of airline baggage tags from some group last year. jet setters flock here and it kinda sucks, but also it added to my experience.

as for the tone, yes this blog post sounded classV-elitist and contradictory yesterday morning when I read it and I pretty much stand by what I wrote ... and I had a good laugh while writing it for what it's worth.

good on you for putting your stuff out there, even if you have to tolerate my comments from time to time.



Anonymous said...

I wouldn't call it class V elitism I'd call Darin's point class V realism. I don't think Darin bagging on the fact there are a lot of people just the quality of said people. Seriously, spray paint, and they weren't even correct directions (silly canadians).

If you don't bring your Mom into UCC then you need to pick up after yourself! Respect the wilderness so the USFS doesn't shut it down to us relatively small special interest group of boaters.

On a lighter note "Ben's Slot" was actually affectionately named "Ben's Gay Hole" come on D get it right. Ha Ha

Erik said...

Darin is one hell of a sharer - going to places most of us weekenders don't have the time, skill or balls to go in a kayak, and then photographing it to share with us. How awesome is that? I would never get to know what these places look like, or at least what they would like with some hucker paddling through them. Thanks for sharing Darin.

chokeout said...

Darin has gay sunglasses!


Darin said...

Yes but I make them look good!

Gary, I am calling you out on this. Let's see what Jackson Hole has got!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Darin,
Upper Cherry is a total shit show, and if you go, don't expect a wilderness experience (while the flows are good). Expect to see about 5 paddlers paddle every drop while you are scouting. Also expect to see poo under every rock you roll near the Flinstone Camp. That being said, the quality of the run merits all the monkey business, and I'll see you there next Saturday the 4th (and everybody else) Remember to get your wilderness permits.
-Dan Menten