Sep 11, 2008

So Ya Think You're Hot?

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So maybe OR didn't go so hot for you. Or this season you walked the big drops and that one drop you ran the camera didn't turn on in time. Now its fall and the Green is low, the Little White is coming to a close, Cali's all dryed up and I KNOW you ain't got $h!t to do. So get brave, get creative, get silly and send in those calendar pics you've always thought were "actually pretty hot."

Come one, come all, kayakers, non-kayakers, shuttle bunnies, men and women. This is your time to shine!

Introducing the 1st Annual So You Think You're Hot photo competition!

Contest Rules...

Must be with kayak

Must somehow match the kayak

Keep it PG

Must be H O T, hot!

Must be emailed to by October 1 2008 where Co- Founders Jen Robertson and Lizzy English will determine postability and ultimately the winner.

Send or save a high resolution photo in case you are a winner ;)

1st Place Prize will be awarded the first ever


Ladies and gentlemen, it's time to get your short shorts out for the hot fall days and get the shot. The competition will be going on at the So Ya Think You are Hot? site.

Inspiration is needed for a shot like this and I recommend either "Madonna - Like a Prayer" or "Kayne West - Stronger". Go get em!

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