Apr 21, 2008

Lower McCloud III-IV (IV+)



Anonymous said...

I hiked down Squaw valley creek [there is a creekside trail trail for 5 miles] a few weeks back to check it out. McCloud was 600cfs that day as well Squaw Valley maybe 150cfs. The creek was mostly class 3 easy 4 and very clean looking bedrock drops with only a little wood. The falls were not runnable at that low flow but might clean-up with more water[10' & 15']. I'm guessing McCloud whould have to be at least 850cfs for Squaw Valley to be runnable.


Anonymous said...

I haven't run the lower McCloud yet but have run the section from the dam to AhDiNa a few times. And at around 8-900 cfs, this is a fun steady run. With 20+ class III rapids blended together. And three nice class IV+ drops. Its only around 3or so miles but is a gorgeous run. If you only have one vehicle and the flows are up. Drop your gear off at the put in at the stairs a little ways below the dam. Park at AhDiNa. Walk the PCT trail on river right back and you will be all warmed up for the run.