Apr 8, 2007

Because it’s not always shuttle bunnies, waterfalls and cold beer at take-out. Some years things go perfectly and good trips just fall in place. Other years all the grunt work is done, many long hours are spent driving and you get…..

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us Thanks to Leon Turnbull for the photograph.
First off it was the South Branch Middle Fork Feather. The gauge at Milsap Bar showed perfect flows, but upon arrival we found the gauge to be broken and flows at absurdly high levels….unless you’re Ben Stookesberry who still wanted to put on. Consolation: Ben and Jerry’s Gorge.

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Big Kimshew is a creek notorious for its denials. So far I have been denied by snow drifts twice, actually put on once and sustained an injury within a quarter mile. I am 0 for 3 since the good shuttle was road gated and snowdrifts were on the north facing road. Consolation: Ben and Jerry’s Gorge

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Bridge Creek, first attempt and denial on Bridge since last years run. Massive trees were blocking the road at the beginning of the shuttle. Consolation: Crapo Creek

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Denied once again, higher authorities have not opened the roads to Crapo even though there is an appalling lack of snow in high elevations. Consolation: Nordheimer, can’t really complain about getting to run this classic.

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Thieving bastards were denied, thankfully I had my camera body and attached lens inside where I was downloading pictures before the next trip.

What makes the Bridge Creek story a bit more interesting is the fact that Devin Knight and I had no plans for a two day trip in the Salmon drainage. We were going to do a quick day on the South Fork and head back to our respective homes, but somehow Ben motivated us not only for Bridge Creek, but for an unplanned car assisted overnighter. I’m still not sure how he managed to persuade us, but I made do with a bivy sack combined with base layers, threw this on top of a nice bed of dry grass piled up for a mattress. Devin managed with the back of his jeep and a blue tarp. Not really how I expect my first unplanned overnight trip, but humorous nonetheless.

So, updates have been scarce due to all the denials and our motoring down through consolation runs without stopping. Changes happen, and in this case our sleepy small town neighborhood has been victim to a bout of theft, including my watershed camera bag + gear, car stereo and assorted other sundry items from vehicles. At least they left my boats and paddling gear.

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