Mar 4, 2007

North Fork Cottonwood Creek - Upper IV-IV+ (P) [Near Redding]



Bijoy said...

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Anonymous said...

Nice work on the write up bro that was a fun little adventure. For futre reference my last name is spelt Bollock but no worries. Pray for water so we can run the sh#t this weekend.


rrogerskayaker said...

I enjoyed the great pix and writeup of recent NF Cottonwood Creek run, but I feel I must clarify some history.

In 1995, 3 of us, including one of the best boaters I knew of in Ca. at that time (Arn Terry) first did this run in flood conditions, with at least 2x, if not 3x, the water your pix show. We were in "long" kayaks and we didn't scrape over anything on the entire run. There was too much water in the gorge above Jerusalem Creek and the 20ft waterfall looked like Niagara Falls, a solid curtain of water, with a horrible, creek-wide reversal at the bottom.

You short-change the class 3-4 section below the intermediate put-in at the twisty-unrunnable waterfall. When all those dipping strata ledges get properly covered with water, this section of creek probably has the greatest concentration of mellow surfing holes and waves anywhere on the west coast.

Also, the Cacreeks writeup includes photos that Bill Tuthill added from his 1999 duckie trip. His water level looks similar to or a bit more than your low flows.

I guess it was just a matter of time for the right boats to be there at the right water level.

You guys really need to go check out Beegum Gorge run. The snow is kept plowed off of the road up to the monastery. You could drag the boats on the snow-covered road down to the putin. Ron

rrogerskayaker said...

PS. In order to avoid confusion, your takeout and the bridge photo was outside the community of Ono, not Platina.

Anonymous said...

I heard Beegum Gorge was filled with 6' of sand from landslides following the fires in 08

J.R. said...

nf cot was such a good run. at 500+ cfs it seemed like a perfect flow. didnt think there was way too much water in the upper section at all. actualy I think a long boat like my freefall would be a fun boat to take down. at our flows, the sticky holes may have actualy been softer than at lower water too, as no one in our group got surfed. The 20 did look like a solid curtain but not quite niagra, and the hole at the bottom was much softer than anticipated, like barely in play at all. Two things to watch out for:
1. The very first ledge drop like a quarter mile down is a mellowish hole but there is a log poking up on the left 6 ft past the hole. scout carefully.
2. At 500 cfs the last river right eddy above the mandatory crack portage is tricky to catch and is guarded by a folding diagonal eddyline that feeds right into the maw. in other words, 24 inches too low and yer falling into hell. its also protected by an inconvenient tree branch. A strong boater can go first and catch the others as they come in, but if there is any doubt, get out early on the right. its an easy walk and is obvious from above. also, found awsome holes in the so called tedious run out good for endless spins in my jefe.
Any beta on jeruselum???