Jan 14, 2007

New River Gorge (Trinity River) IV-V - by Dan Menten



Anonymous said...

How does this run compare to wooley creek?

Darin said...

I havn't done the New, but I'd imagine this section is a step up from Wooley Creek.

Anonymous said...

I've heard the lower new is harder than cherry creek but the upper run from the bridge to denny is a great 4-5. I think there might be a run up even higher starting at the east fork new river trail head, It looks something like an over sized coffee creek at just over 100fpm

Anonymous said...

Lower New is definitely a step-up from Wooley Creek, mostly because of the commiting gorge and sieves, but all of the rapids are porteagable, except the blind faith drop. Most people walk tombstone & crack in the rock.

East fork trailhead is a small, brushy-creeky class IV, with its best rapids after the confluence of the West Fork. There is also a road where you can drive right to this confluence, to add a good mile to the short but sweet upper section. The E.F. is much smaller than coffee creek, however.

Daniel Menten said...

we have found that juicier flows are actually cleaner, with many of the undercut hazards not in play at flows close to 1,000. Check the flow from hwy 299 before dropping in and the log hazards are gone as of 2/6/2010, cheers,