Oct 28, 2006

We put in for a planned two day, 6k trip on the Middle Alseseca. The first day we put on in the early afternoon and ran 1k that was very similar to the Upper Alseseca run, quality bedrock drops. After a nice 15' pothole waterfall followed by a 20' waterfall we made our first major portaged around a large wood filled waterfall. One more beautiful drop followed after the large portaged and shortly after we came to another mandatory portaged that surprised us with a trail on the right. We hiked a short ways on the trail and proceeded to scout the steep gorge that continued downstream. That night we camped on the trail and I got quick sick, we're not sure if there is a virus going around the group or if our water filters aren't cutting it.
I hiked out the next day while the group spent the next day running 1k of water that involved a large rappel in, two big slides and a mandatory, unscoutable 58' waterfall. Way to go boys, I'm sure the footage will be in Ben's next video and Eric might give me a shot to throw up here. The sickness has passed and exploration is planned to continue tommorow on a section further up river due to heavy rains blowing the canyon out.

Jefferson State Creeking

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