Oct 25, 2006

Altotonga, Vera Cruz

Yesterday around noon we found out that our van connection had fallen through and we would have to find other means of transportation to get our group of six to Vera Cruz. Some nice research was done by the knowledgable members of the group. Raffa Ortiz pulled off some bold driving to get us to the bus station on time, where Ben Stookesberry, Eric Seymour and myself caught a bus to Altotonga. Ben quickly found us a hotel where we relaxed beforing going out to dinner and waiting for the rest of the crew that was supposed to arrive around 10:30. Unfortunatley they missed two buses at the station, but Nick Troutman, Phil Boyer and Rafa Ortiz were knocking on our hotel door at four in the morning.

We ran the Alseseca today and had a great time although flows were a bit low. Details will come with photographs when I am back in the states. I did manage to take the first swim of our trip after bridging my paddle between two rocks and getting stuck in a hole. Our plan for tommorow is to get lost in the jungle in the unrun middle section of the Alseseca.

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