May 10, 2005

Slate Creek (Sacramento Drainage) moved...


Anonymous said...

Slate Creek is an fantastic run for any solid class IV, V, boater. It is truly one of the crown jewels of northern Ca. if you can catch it going off. If you want a good first run pace. 8-10inches on the gauge. If you like it fast and pushy anything above 10 inches will amp up the pucker factor. Couple mandatory scouts at higher flows. And some must make moves if you decide not to portage. I would suggest hooking up with someone who knows this run for your first time down. The waterfall at the top of the class IV section is usually always runnable. If there was enough water to get you there. Then its good to go. Just scrap over the boof on river left.
George W.
Redding, Ca.

Anonymous said...

I ran this yesterday and it was great, two minor swims and almost missed the eddie before poker and ended up on the other side and having to hike down from river left, We ran it at 9-10 inches on the gauge.
Shawn M