Oct 9, 2010

Grand Canyon of the Stikine V-V+

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Mikkel said...

Nice photos, I am still not sure which one is Wicked Wanda, I have no recollection of any rapid that looks like the photo you have of it.

I think the 85 descent was heli supported but they completed the whole thing and the first self contained was in 1990.

Unknown said...

thanks for the pictures and great intro to an awesome trip.

Darin said...

From what I ascertained, Wicked Wanda is the next major rapid after Entrance Falls. Probably looked similar at our levels...just a move from center to left to avoid a large hole up top. According to Ammons '85 had Heli support and Wikipedia (dubious!) claims it did not. I'm inclined to believe Doug and changed the writing accordingly.

TomO said...

Great photos as always, whats some contact info in case i win some money somewhere and want to order some prints off you.

Peggy said...

Great photos of your trip! I was on the '85 trip - in a raft, a specially made Sotar. It was heli supported, however the kayakers did the entire river without heli portaging. They were amazing!
There was a film made of that trip - Hell or Highwater.
The kayakers were Rob Lesser, Bob McDougald and the late Lars Holbeck. They were successful in kayaking the entire river. That was the real story of that trip & the film did NOT document that properly. In the raft, we didsections of the river. Hard to remember exactly how much, but I would say 3/4...? Each night we were flown back to Willy's ranch at put-in. Except we stayed at Site Zed one night. We would pull the raft & kayaks way up on shore, the heli would land a skid on a ledge and we would commute back to Willy's place. The purpose of the trip was to make a film so we were on their schedule not ours. Is Willy still there?
I found that the GC of Stikine was such a spectacular canyon. Dramatic, foreboding and powerful.
Thanks for sharing your incredible photos!

Darin said...

Thanks for sharing Peggy, it's great to hear the real story not the telephone game version!