Sep 29, 2010

Homathko River V-V+

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Steve Arns said...

.. and then the gauge jumped to almost 3000 cms on the 26th. That would be crazy. Nice trip report of a beautiful place!

Did you find the old food cache above the cave where you camped?

David said...

Your trip reports never disappoint. Love the wolf track photo ... that'll keep you on guard.

Darin said...

Didn't find the food cache. Vertically above the cave? Thankfully we had plenty of food anyways. We did stash a paddle and boat downstream, more to come on that soon!

Steve Arns said...

Yeah, resting around the bottom of a tree right above the cave. We stumbled upon it this past spring while collecting firewood from up there. It looked like it has been there for a long time - it would be interesting to know the story behind it.

Jonas told me about the lost boat - at least it ended up a good story.

Leon said...

You should have brought some "real" Canadian beer like Kokanee, not yucky Molson. Haha.