Jul 27, 2010

2011 Whitewater Calendar

As anyone following this site knows, I take a massive amount of images every year. I really wanted to do something with them this year, and considered quite a few options, and decided a calendar would be the most cost effective way to share my work. So if you enjoy the photographs I take during the year and would like to see them on your wall, consider picking up one of my 2011 Whitewater Calendars, which contains twelve of my favorite images. Thanks!

2011 Whitewater Calendar


white water rafting trip said...

I love watching your photographs. They are excellent shots. You have such a knack of knowing which angle to take them from.

DrewCoe said...

Got the calendar for Xmas, and was psyched on all the great photos. Love the Mossbrae Falls pic, as Box Canyon is my classic local run!