Jan 3, 2009

Life is terribly busy but in many ways great too. We're currently having a dismal snow year in Shasta, where I am working to help train new employees at the ski park, my previous employer of many winters. It's still outside work in a beautiful setting. It will end soon and I will be back in Davis hunting for jobs and hopefully some water too. Excessive work hours have caused the Pakistan updates to be delayed, they don't pay and have been shifted the back burner. Some small changes are being made to the blogger site as well, finally updating my template to a more modern one.

I did get my camera out on a day off; Cave Springs, Dunsmuir, California

Hopefully I've have a another Indus update soon!


Dan Thurber said...

you hippie, get out of the caves and travel somewhere exotic for a change! Kidding. I hope the rest of your Winter brings some cool adventures your way and I get to read a bit about them. I can´t find reading material in English here in Chile, so I´m subsisting on Blogs and celebrity gossip. Ran the Palguin with Orion yesterday, and he says hi.


Darin said...

Jealous, I wish I was down there too! Can't wait to hear of your guys adventures.

Mati said...

So very jealous of what looks to be an amazing adventure. Great pictures, I feel like I am there.