Aug 6, 2008

Grand Canyon of the Tuolumne V-V+



Unknown said...

Hey Darin,
Good stuff. I've backpacked through there twice. Once when inflows to Hetch Hetchy were 3000cfs and again 2 years ago beginning the day Tioga Pass opened up. According to the gauges, Hetch Hetchy had daily range of 8,000-10,000cfs for that trip. Waterwheel falls was impressive to say the least. Pretty cool to be in there with that much water, but the creek crossings were tough, as was navigating in some places below Muir gorge where the trail was completely underwater. We got gorged out near dark and had to do some sketchy climbing, traversing, and returning to water level. Not good for my wife's first backpacking trip. Anyway, I've got pictures up from both trips on picasa in case you want to compare flows. What an awesome canyon.

Anonymous said...

good shit! is this gonna be in the next hotel charley?

Darin said...

If Ben feels there is enough interest he would probably put it in, it's totally his call.