Dec 11, 2007

South Fork Salmon – Methodist Creek II-III

Klamath River on a winter morning.

The majority of water in the South Fork Salmon comes from a glacier high in the Trinity Alps Wilderness. The rest of the water flows out of the Russian Wilderness, guaranteeing first rate water quality on the South Fork Salmon, even when it’s flooding.

All pictures from this trip with the Salmon gauge at 4’

Overlooked by guidebooks the Methodist Creek run on the South Fork is one of California’s best intermediate kayaking runs. It sees regular use by Otter Bar’s classes, and many people say that it is the best run to learn on because it has distinct moves, well defined features and strong eddy lines. At higher flows the South Fork Salmon also has tons of play, making it a good run for mixed abilities. The scenery is great even though the run is roadside, the road is out of view the majority of the time.

Great scenery combined with friendly rapids.


Good pool drop rapids continue for many miles.


You can take out at Forks of the Salmon, or continue downstream through class I-II for several miles to Nordheimer River Access.


There is parking and a trail to the river at Methodist Creek for immediate class III fulfillment, or you can put in further upstream at plentiful access spots for a class II warm up.

Look for 700-2,000cfs on Chris Shackelton's Dreamflows Estimate for the South Fork Salmon.

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