Oct 24, 2007

For Whom the Bell Tolls

We all hoped against all hopes for the best of endings after our month long drought in Newfoundland. It had to rain at some point right? After chasing water all over the island Nick, Jesse, EJ, Dane, and Joel had flown out. With a promising weather report Chris and I coerced Ben into staying on with us. Six hours of fruitless driving, followed by Ben going for a jog resulted in anticipating prospects. He found it. Big, clean. No water. Two days of rain forecasted, one of heavy rain. We camped out for three days and observed heavy mist at best. She wasn’t going to pull through for us. Driving back to Deer Lake spirits were at an all time low for the trip. Feeling the down of a major expedition being over and the last week of it a complete bust, we joked once more about the beautiful fall colors and anticipated home and somewhere warm.

Ben Stookesberry scouting.
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Photo: Chris Korbulic.

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