Oct 17, 2006

Humboldt Gettin' High Big Air Comp

Whitewater Kayaking Northern California

Sunday, October 14th was the first annual Big Air Comp at Camel Rock outside of Arcata, California. Here is the promo video.

The day started off eventful enough with an early morning car wreck at the parking area. Four of us were standing around hoping a swell would come in when a car flew by us and proceeded off the cliff. Amazingly they weren’t too torn up, and the local crews did a great job on the rescue.
White Water Kayak Northern California
Once that was over we started the unofficial, grass roots big air ocean surf comp. Ben Wartburg walking down to the beach.
Kayak at Camel Rock Beach
The first heat headed out.
Kayak Nor Cal
Thankfully during the comp a swell came in and the waves picked up from 3’ to the occasional 6’ wave. I wont go into too much detail, but Rush Sturges was throwing huge Macho Moves over the incoming waves, and Erik Conklin was getting some nice combination runs in.
Erik Conklin blunting at Camel Rock, Northern California
Ben Wartburg landed an epic kickflip in the final heat that included Charlie Center and Paul Gamache throwing moves all over the place. I didn’t know everyone there including the person blunting in this shot.
Kayaking at Camel Rock in Northern California
Kayaking at Camel Rock in Northern California
Dan Menton and Chris Zawacki were tearing it up in the glass boats, including a helix or two by Dan.
Dan Menton, Kayaking Northern California Coast
I think we scared all the surfers away.
Kayakers at Camel Rock
Erik Conklin
Erik Conklin bow stalls inbetween sets
Dan Menton hiking out.
Camel Rock
Scott Ligare, Charlie Center and Ben Wartburg are all thinking about getting soup.
Kayak Northern California
I'm sure there will be a video update soon of the comp and the Burnt Ranch Race on the Caliproduct website.

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Anonymous said...

that heli rescue shot is sick, well done.

Darin said...

Thanks, it was pretty hectic but nice work by all parties involved. Glad she didn't clean us out on the way through.

Anonymous said...

Hey Darin,
What's up man?
Nice shots bro...
That sick photo of the little kid doing a kickflip is Will Parnham, I'll tell him to check out your blog.
What an intense day, huh?
Hope to go crekkin whith ya soon NSD

Darin said...

Such a fun day, I heard the waves have been going off since then too. Drop me a line if you are in the area and want to boat, it's going off right now.