Mar 6, 2006

Brandy Creek (Redding) V

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Anonymous said...

I am one of the authors of the write up you referenced in CA Creeks. I agree that perspectives have changed a bit since that was written in 97. I can't imaging considering Brandy Creek class 5+ anymore. BTW, the big (and that's relative)waterfalls we mentioned were Scarface and Split Falls both are downstream of the Sheep Camp bridge.

You might know the other author of that run description. Garrett Brown still lives in Redding and boats Brandy Creek from time to time, though I think he considers it class 4 these days.

I enjoyed your story and your blog. It's a nice way to keep up on whats going on in NorCall boating.

Mike Brown

Darin said...

Amazing how runs can change over the years. Oddly enough it was Garrett's CFS I purchased a few years ago that broke on the run. Thanks for the info Mike, the original description is still informative and helpfull, glad you guys pioneered it. Where are you located these days? Darin

Anonymous said...

Hello Darin,

Garrett told me you bought his CFS. There is a certain irony that Garrett's first creek boat met it's end on his first creek. Garrett paddled Brandy Creek for the first time when he was 14. He did Burnt Ranch that same year.

I live in Colorado Springs nowadays, about 45 minutes from the take out for the Royal Gorge.


Anonymous said...

Hey guys,Thanks for the comments on Brandy Creek. Ive paddled it a couple of times now. Its a great run for able boaters. I know G.B.also. I would consider Brandy crk. to be more a busy IV. Thanks again for J.S.Creekin. You have got great Beta here.
George Williams

Darin said...

Thanks for the positive feedback, it's good to hear. Hopefully see you on the river one of these days - Darin

Leif Anderson said...

If you hike up to Brandy creek falls, and paddle down to sheep camp, you get some good V/V+. The putin falls is a series of 15-30 ft slides and falls, and there's even a 50 footer downstream a ways.