Feb 27, 2006

Clear Creek, Lower (Klamath Tributary) I-II+


Trinity Alps Photo said...

Ok it's an easy run but more of a 2-3. The first mile is fairly continues class 3. We tried to bring a guy down for his first hardshell run ever.... Thankfully he swam before the gorge got too inescapable and hiked out. He was way over his head. Most of our group agreed that the run was harder than pigeon point, at least the first mile. The scenery reminds me of a mini new river... as good as it gets! I'll be back for sure.

Anonymous said...

Do you think this run is raftable or do you only recommend kayaks?

Darin said...

Very raftable but the put in is a pain. It gets rafted commercially too.

Anonymous said...

I got to do 2 raft trips on this last week with Adeventure Whitewater. They said it was about 1000 CFS. I agree with the previous post that the first mile was continuous class III. I would not call this class I-II at the level we did it. The most beautiful river I've ever seen or paddled! A real gem.

Mike P.