Feb 12, 2007

"Triple Crown"

One tenth of an inch. That's just how much precipitation Northern California received in January, the driest in over one hundred years. So if you're wondering why the updates have been so sparse, no further explanation is needed. So what has been going on? Cold weather facilitated lots of man-made snow at the ski park, and I have been busy "working".

Another hard day at the job.
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Febuary brought the weather, and after a plentiful week of rain everything near Shasta was going, and we knew it was on. After our month long hiatus from kayaking motivation was high and we went for the local "Triple Crown" which is to paddle Slate Creek, Mears Creek, and Box Canyon of the Sacramento in one day.
Shon Bullock and myself met up at Sims flat to check out flows for Mears. Flows were in the medium high range where Mears gets quite pushy and very entertaining. Props to Anders for styling his first creek and first class V.

The largest drop on Mears Creek.
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Both logs from last year and still in Mears Creek, at the high flows we were able to paddle up over the logs above the "Tunnel of Love".

A quick shuttle and snack had us checking the gauge at Slate Creek. The gauge read 9-12", a perfect level for Anders first run down it, so we quickly set shuttle and were at the put in where things looked a bit higher than 12". Coverage was great, and things weren't too pushy, although pools were lacking. The infamous diversion was almost completly turned off, making actual levels in the run more similar to 1' 3" on the gauge. We were stoked to see Anders pull it off well, and run his first waterfall.

Blackjack Falls.
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Shon Bullock, enjoying the classic seventeen footer.
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I love California, a short rest during shuttle before motivating to finish up on The Box.
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The Box was classic as allways, and as of 2/11/07 was at 4'6". A word of caution, above Cantera and below the "sticky hole" rapid, where the river splits around a large island, there is a river wide log on the right "creekin line" around the island, so needless to say the left wide channel is prefered.

Ski Park life.
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Anonymous said...

An epic day indeed my friend, next triple crown needs to be upper, middle, and lowers falls of the McCloud in one day:)
-Shon Bollock

Anonymous said...

I heard rumor of some Mt. Shasta boaters putting together a boatercross race down Box Canyon this spring. Do you know anything about it?
-Dan T.

Darin said...

More than a rumor, no set date yet (hoping the snowpack turns around) but it will be happening in the spring some time... When we have a set date I'll put up the info, should be super fun!


shon said...

The set date for the Boater X is April 21st call Base camp for info.